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Sebastian, the main character in the game I am working on mostly right now, becomes Captain Hero after an unfortunate event where people die and those who survive wake with new powers. Each person is impacted in their own way and when Sebastian realizes he has superpowers, his first thought is: I need to look the part.

I've added a few images to my gallery here on DA but the full series is only available on my Patreon at the moment; the $20 teir gets the entire set but the lower tiers still have part of the image series and a sexy 30 FPS animation of the clothing store clerk giving Captain Hero the super treatment.

Want to get the image set and participate in the making of an epic super hero game? Check out my patreon page now.
I've added the full Villainous Vixens series to Tumblr today, last month, it was the image set for Patreon supporters as part of my ongoing Superhero themed game. For February, the image series is the DP (50+ images, omg) for top tier supporters, less of the series for lower level supporters.

Making progress on the game maps, locations and superpowers as well; the superpowers have been posted here for some characters and the next step is getting together the renders and frames for the first pass at the game loop. Suggestions as always appreciated.
I've went ahead and published the whole college blondes series on my tumblr; these don't have backgrounds as I don't have background images that work for the whole series. I did this one just to practice a bit and to experiment with shaping and some other edits. Check out the first ten here and then I'm sure you can figure out where to go ;)
Instead of re-writing all the information, just take a look at my blog here to get all the details.

Or you can head right to the game page to play Crush on Candy (click the speaker to turn audio off).
It's a holiday weekend and I've been busy counting the feedback I've had since Crush on Candy got a ton more popular than I'd ever have expected. Tomorrow, I've got an update planned that should get some new feedback. Background music, sound effects, new scenes and multiple endings make this update a huge improvement on my Crush on Candy v2 and an even bigger improvement over the v1.

What might suck?
The music won't have any GUI controls to adjust volume, so, you'll have to rely on your own device or similar to squelch the sounds.

What's better?
Tons more content, images, sounds,'s a massively improved experience. Try it when available.
As you probably know, I'm a HUGE fan of the team behind Lesson of Passion games (LOP). A few years ago playing their Outcast Academy title was what got me into the idea of making 3d games based on my stories...well, a few years later, I'm not writing because 3d and game making takes up a ton more time than I expected.

So since they are amazing people (I don't know them, have only exchanged an email or two with one person on their team) they agreed to re-syndicate my game, Crush on Candy. If you enjoyed may game, I'd appreciate you dropping by their site and leaving a nice note. Or not, totally up to you.

And if you haven't played before, I think you might want to take a break this hump day and indulge in a Crush on Candy.
Warning adult content, etc.

If you want a sneak peak of the 1080 HD animation I'm making with the three Villainous Vixens, check out this gif on Imgur.

The animation is taking a while to cook from Daz3d, (only on frame #2 out of 29, with 26 minutes past), it'll be done tomorrow night and then the image set + animation up on Patreon and out to supporters sometime after.
For this month's supporter's on Patreon, the image set that I've been adding this month will be the reward. There's already a handful of images that are, ahem, too hot for DA so I won't be uploading them here. I still need to do an animation as well.

Normally I publish the image set and animation around the 6th to the 12th (was just reviewing when I in fact hit publish since September or so last year). I'll definitely be done with the series by next weekend so if you're not a supporter but want to get a much better image set than what's here, check out my Patreon page.

I've seen an enormous response in page-views for the superhero and supervillains I've posted, as well as a much better turn out for my latest game, Tasha's Power Trip, than my previous, Crush on Candy. The story was better, the endings were better and to me at least, the latest was my best short game so far. The stats at least agree :)

Thanks and happy new year!
So, that's the name of the evil super powered women that follow around the head badass, Major Badass, himself. I'm working on the first of the femme fatale's and if you have ideas for a character, feel free to shout ;)
That escalated quickly. First, an underage deviant complains that my image should be labeled "Mature," - okay, I think that's debatable, but, to do so with adult language? That's just a bit rich, given the image in question didn't have anything naughty showing, many states in the USA where I'm from have 'corporal punishment,' in public schools for underage children and the Hitachi Wand is the best selling personal massager out there.

Of course, if you're not from the USA you might not know that about corporal punishment. And if you're not eighteen or older, you might only be familiar with the Hitachi Wand from it's many appearances in adult context so you might assume it's only for adults. A kid could in fact buy one.

In any case, I did re-label said image "Mature," and put idealogically sensitive.

But, if you're going to whine on an image of mine with foul language, I think it goes without saying you'll get blocked. Kids need to learn, after all.
For a while now, I've been searching for another project to work on, as I like to have at least a few things going at once, to ensure I never get bored of creating new scenes, dialogue, renders, animations or stories. The superhero concept kept feeling like I wanted to explore, but not until recently did I have an idea on *how* to explore that concept.

Brief outline / synopsis:

Sebastian, "Mindbender," Smith has been the top ranked member of the Superhero's guild of Manhattan ever since the passing of a federal law that required every city considered strategic to have both normal and paranormal staff. Extranormal humans had only surfaced a few years before and men like Sebastian, who found themselves in sudden possession of valuable superpowers, cashed in on them in a variety of ways. Supercriminals were still common, as were superheroes who decided to be selfless and donate their powers to help less fortunate.

The vast majority, however, enrolled as a new kind of police. Sebastian, as one of their early recruits, was tired of rescuing kittens and saving damsels in distress. His new hobby was going to be using his mind-bending powers to hire the hottest women he could find. Sure, he still would need to spend his days saving the city, but afterwards, he could use his powers to slowly break their will.

This game will test your ability to be creative, discipline and ruthless, managing your time saving the city from itself according to the superhero Service Level Agreement, and bending the sexy, super-heroines to your will. If you fail to live up to your superhero contract, you lose all the special perks, including your luxury apartment, generous stipend and more. So while trying to use your mind-bending powers to corrupt the sexy heroines of Manhattan, you'll also need to find time to use your powers, exercise and be a good citizen.

The central question is, can you find time to have your cake and corrupt it, too?
Today, I made public the game, Tasha's Power Trip, so that non patreon subscribers could also enjoy. The game works in web browsers on mobile or desktop and has five unique endings. Depending on your choices, you may see one or two of the animations that are in the game as well. The theme is lesbian domination and if you've seen the renders here, you have a good idea of the content and general storyline.

Play Tasha's Power Trip here on my website.

And Happy Holidays! I hope you are enjoying good food, family and love.
Tasha's Power Trip, my game in progress that will be available this weekend as a demo with over a hundred renders and multiple animations, is a game about control. Power. When you have it, power can be addictive. Corrupting. Even when we're not aware that we have power, by tone, body language and other shared signals give those who look for it clues.

So this newly minted detective and her captive, Sunny (names were switched from my image series here and previous Journal), are in the interrogation room late at night. At the end of the evening, the detective wants exactly what she wanted. The captive? A night's sleep without fear of violence.

In any case, the game will be ready in complete form later this month. I hope you enjoy the demo when it's available, and a more complete version will be for Patreon supporters only.
After a bit of searching for just the right angle for another animation, I think I'm there. So with that in mind, I've got the shell of the game, two-thirds of the images and one animation done so far. The script and story you may have read here but that's not identical to what's in the game.

My next short game: Tasha's Power Trip, available online, desktop and mobile browsers. I may consider making a download, play offline version as well in the future but for now it's browser based only.

From my perspective, an online game can be measured, tracked and when you want it, it's there - no waiting. No, "I don't have enough bandwidth to get the file(s)," kind of excuses. Having Crush on Candy (and the usage stats) tells me that yes, people played and they played a few times to the end. The story was engaging enough to make people want to click more options and explore.

What's the game, Tasha's Power Trip, all about?

A newly minted detective, Tasha is forced to work the weekend night shift. A time when the bars kick out the drunks, the the night clubs close and sometimes, young women with no options desperate for money walk the streets. She finds one, an eighteen year old named Sunny, and picks her up. When the park, she hits record and viola, an arrest gets made that makes Tasha's night.

She takes her to the station and brings Sunny to the interrogation room to live out one of her fantasies. Sunny doesn't know it yet but to get out of jail she's going to need to do a lot more than pay bail.

When will it be available?

Soon. :)

In the meantime, my website has a list of the games I've made, online and download. You can read the list of adult games here on my site.
Since I know this one won't be DA acceptable, check out Lisa's climax for this part of the series here, there are three images for the explosive finish. Definitely not DA friendly but feel free to leave feedback here.

Sunny's Climax
I've written about it on my blog and else where, but wanted to make sure people who follow me here could see it too.

Read more and get a link to play here: works on all browsers, mobile and desktop. Enjoy :)

Crush on Candy Blog Post
Repetition, unfortunately, is one of those things that I've been re-learning lately is the best way to learn something. To improve. Get better. Rendering - now that I have a "standard," method that I go through to setup a scene, light and more, is pretty fast to go from zero to sixty with an idea. As you might now, I've got a few games out now, both download & web based, that are hopefully entertaining.

Thing is though, I'm new at all this. So I've taken to heart improving on what I can tell needs improving, like my renders, and sharing them here. Usually, I get an idea and want to see an image, or maybe a series, myself. The games I've seen on Patreon and elsewhere have frequent themes involving escorts / prostitutes (not just easy women).

For kicks, given I follow RP here and his stuff is pretty popular, I thought I'd do a lesbian domination themed series with a prostitute, being taken advantage of by a police officer. The Sunny and Lisa series, with the Sunny 7 model from daz3d and one of the characters that came with the pro bundle, has been my most viewed here on DA so far. I've had more than 147 pageviews, gained a new watch and had an actual comment (those are the most rare, faves and watches are slightly more regular for my profile these days).

I do wonder if the theme for the series is what drove the numbers, or if using tags (I did on many of the images in the series) or if it was just the number and the day of the week, given that it's late fall and the days are growing short, more people are indoors & online, seasonally adjusted.

Ugh, too many questions. In the end, I appreciate the interest, no matter the reason for the increase. It's awesome.

If you haven't checked out any of my games, I'd suggest you start with Crush on Candy. It's too short and simple, but no download required and it plays well on mobile. After that if you have a fast internet connection, try Superspy Steve: Origin Story. It's many hours of gameplay and five unique endings.
I've been trying to figure out how to !#$@#$ make a mobile game work for well over a year, on and off. Tonight, I've got a beta test together of my one night dating game called, "Crush on Candy," ready for feedback. It's raw, mostly I'm looking for technical issues (android in particular) and macOS laptop Safari won't play at all. iOS is fine, though, on iPhone / iPad from testing.…

What's it all about?
Candy, a mid twenties ash blonde, met you via a dating app and invited you over with ambiguous intent. Will it end in tears, or will something more profound and much deeper between the two of you? Several animations in the current beta and, if it works well enough, more in the future.
My new job is fantastic. However, that also leaves me less time for games. Commute is longer, working hours are longer and yet, I'm smiling. The team is wonderful. The company seems very solid. During the little time in between other bits of life, I'm continuing with renders and slowly building up enough knowledge to perhaps finally ship an HTML5 based game.

It won't be as big as Superspy Steve but it should be fun. The Candy series I've already got the ending and animation series done (and wow, are they hot!). But I wasn't happy with her outfit or the starting of the series, so I'm going back through and re-rendering a bunch, as well as planning a few "surprises," for the plot along the way to the finish.

Of course, all this is moot if when I load it all into the browser things crash ;) Still, what's life without a little risk and hope for the best?
More animation, the complete and final maps, bug fixes & more. If you haven't had a chance to play before, this is the version you'll want to start with. Game play has been improved based on feedback as well.…

The clone series is included; no animation there but lots of sexy, never before seen renders with two times Jennifer and Chiyo.
New Game: intro screen01 by gatesjillianwriter

And of course, tons more inside. The new file is about 1.9 gigabytes; after this if there are bugs I'll do a patch release without images.

Let me know what you think and if you like it consider supporting me on Patreon. I'm already working on my next game, which you can see conceptual art and preliminary renders for here on Deviantart.